Suggestion from Local Meeting about Bath’s Clean Air Zone 19th Nov, St Bart’s

Cllr Goodman: CAZ driven by legal challenges and Government direction to address air quality.  Monitoring of NO2 shows levels exceeding 40 at some locations. The objective is to reduce these to less than 40.   CAZ scheme needs to be in place by 2021.

Cars may be removed from charging.  There are some exemptions proposed for essential workers on low pay.

Liberal Democrat:  There will be adverse side effects somewhere.  There are pressures to increase the size of the zone. Parking pressures outside the edge of the zone will increase.  Public transport is deficient.

Questions and points from the community

  • Tackle the problems in the network that cause congestion e.g. location of bus stops and traffic lights
  • Re-engine buses with hydrogen rather than diesel
  • Make the time period for charging 9am to 6pm
  • Make the buses free.They are too poor quality and expensive
  • CAZ will make Junction Rd, Bellots Road and Brook Road into worse rat runs
  • The CAZ will just move pollution from one area to another
  • There will be government support for residents parking zones as part of the CAZ
  • Innovation is needed in school transport strategies
  • Why isn’t the whole of the city a CAZ – Government asks them to be as small as possible
  • Changes after introduction of the CAZ – it took 2 years to change the congestion charge area in London
  • NO2 will increase by 1 or 2 points at monitors outside the CAZ
  • Reduce rather than increase car parking in the central area
  • The Metro West project from west of Bristol to Westbury through Bath will alleviate a lot of pollution/congestion
  • Need to improve walking strategy so it is safer and more attractive
  • Why not charge all vehicles entering the CAZ area to better combat congestion
  • Could there be a one-way system for the Avenues?
  • City needs an integrated transport plan – CAZ has too narrow a focus
  • Re-classify Junction Road so that Sat Navs do not direct traffic like HGVs along it
  • HGVs are very dangerous along Junction Road
  • Council to provide NO2 data
  • Morland Rd monitor at 19 (but not full year) Lower Oldfield Park/Brougham Hayes exceeded 30
  • Can there be specific measures to deter students from bringing cars to the City
  • Joined up thinking needed re: air quality and congestion