Report of Local Meeting about Bath’s Clean Air Zone 19th Nov, St Bart’s

Panel at Local Meeting, 19 Nov 2018, St Bart's

The Meeting (19 November 2018) was attended by over 100 local residents; an extraordinary turnout given the short notice available, reflecting a high level of local concern.

Concerned residents gather at Local Meeting 19 November 20128, St Bart's

Suggestions  & questions from residents

No one present criticised the CAZ policy in principle (to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions that are damaging health, particularly that of children and the aged) but many said its application meant exporting the ill health impacts of poor air quality to the densely populated Oldfield Park and other areas outside the proposed Zone. In addition, it will exacerbate the pressure on local road use, increasing congestion and danger. It was also expected that the CAZ would result in more intense ‘rat-run’ road use, as described in the MOCA flyer, creating additional access issues to local services.

The panel’s Council Cabinet Members (Cllrs. Tim Warren & Bob Goodman) said that a very large number of people had already responded to the Consultation (approx 6,000 ) and emphasised that people should respond to the consultation individually and be specific the changes they wish to see (eg identify roads they wish to include).

The Consultation closes on 26 November

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