Bear Flat RPZ should be delayed until impacts of CAZ on Oldfield Park are clearer.

Residents of Oldfield Park disappointed that Bear Flat RPZ likely to be approved

18th February 2019

MOCA (Moorland and Oldfield residents for Clean Air) are disappointed that Bath and North East Somerset Council look likely to approve the introduction of a new Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) across Bear Flat and Bloomfield Avenue. It is irresponsible to go-ahead with a costly scheme that will inevitably have a negative impact on surrounding areas, whilst the plans for the council’sproposed Clean Air Zone (CAZ) are still being decided, with its impacts unknown.

Oldfield Park will bear the brunt of displaced vehicles from the new RPZ, with many more commuters inevitably circling looking for new parking spaces. This will increase pollution in local streets and reduce road safety as more cars try to cram into the area. Oldfield Park is already full, with many commuters already parking daily in local streets to avoid the costs of parking in the city centre, and these additional vehicles cannot be accommodated. The council needs to review their proposed plans for both the new RPZ and the CAZ and create an integrated approach that benefits all residents, not just the few.

“Additional traffic creates additional pollution and accessibility issues for our neighbours,“ said Tim McCombe, representative of MOCA. “We had asked the council for a delay in the implementation of the Bear Flat RPZ until the plans for the CAZ had been fully agreed, and its impacts understood. Weare surprised that the request for this short delay has been ignored.” McCombe added; “Thegovernment has offered to pay for new RPZs as part of the implementation of the CAZ, so why is thecouncil so insistent to go ahead with a new RPZ that only covers one area of the city?”

The combination of a new RPZ covering Bear Flat and the CAZ as currently proposed are a double whammy for Oldfield Park. To mitigate the effects of them, MOCA wishes to see the current proposed boundary of the CAZ extended to cover potential rat-runs through the Oldfield Park area, combined with new RPZs around the fringes of the proposed zone to discourage through traffic and day-parking commuters. These changes could dramatically reduce traffic on local residential streets, making them safer for all.

MOCA believes it is far more logical and fairer to all for the council to consider the needs of Bath residents as a whole and adopt a holistic approach to the CAZ and new RPZs, rather than the piecemeal fashion in which they are currently being delivered.

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